Country News

Last night (6/26), Granger Smith posted a video of himself driving to the place that three weeks ago, he drove with his son River, who died in a drowning accident.

In the intimate and emotional video, Granger was driving to Yee Yee Farm, explaining that the last time he was out there, River was with him. He said in part, “Part of what we’re going through right now is the healing of our two children and they’re doing good and I’m doing good. But I’m a different person than I was a month ago and I’ll never be that person again.”

He continued, “I was fifteen feet from that water and it’s something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. Him getting in there was an impossible feat and him silently getting into the water is beyond any of us understanding and the other thing was he was a swimmer, we swam every day.”

Smith added, “The reason I’m telling you all this is probably because it feels good to talk about it. The point I want to drive home is that you’ve got to love those around you today because the impossible does happen.”

-Nancy Brooks