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Garth Brooks has picked the location for his first “Dive Bar” show on his recently announced “Dive Bar Tour” and it’s at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street in Chicago on Monday night (7/15).

Joe’s Bar on Weed Street is in the Lincoln Park section of the Windy City.

Garth says, “When you think about ‘Friends In Low Places’…when you think about ‘Blame it all on my roots’ – that’s (as) honky-tonk as it gets. So, the honky-tonks work fine with me. I mean, c’mon – can you imagine in those little honky-tonk walls hearing that… ‘Turn that bottle up and drink it…crank that jukebox up and Hank it – bartender, pour another round….”

Brooks announced the series of seven shows on Sunday (7/7) on National Dive Bar Day.

Garth’s “Dive Bar” Tour takes its name from his new duet with Blake Shelton.

-Nancy Brooks