Country News

Carly Pearce posted to her socials yesterday after a fan shared a picture of Carly from a year ago, a bit smaller but certainly not happier.

Carly wrote on Instagram, “One of y’all sent me this over the weekend & when I saw it, it put something on my heart I wanted to share. Photo on the right is from about a year and a half ago. I was going about 100 miles a minute, was tired all the time, was afraid of carbs & thought the only form of exercise was seeing how many miles I could run in a week. The photo on the left was this weekend. I’m STILL running 100 miles a minute, but I don’t struggle with fatigue anymore & have learned that weight training AND cardio make me STRONG & carbs DON’T make you fat.”

She continued, “And you know what? I weight more now, those clothes on the right don’t fit anymore, but I FEEL better and am HAPPIER than ever. I’m posting this because I know so many of us struggle with our bodies and goodness, being on stage is a whole different level for me sometimes. Thank you @erinoprea fam for making me understand that STRONG is sexy, and thank you @michaelraymusic for always making me feel so beautiful. #realreel #strongisnotasize.”