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Before Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton took the stage over the weekend together at a show in Idaho, the two country giants talked with Entertainment Tonight.

Blake shared standing next to Garth, “I got a text from my man here earlier that he sent me a picture and there was a picture and it said, ‘Mr, Stefani’ on it. It sucks because Garth’s kind of off limits you can’t mess with him cause he’s like The Godfather of country music. He’s bullying me just a little bit to be honest,” To which Brooks said, “You ever think this big a boy’s been bullied ever.”

The guys also talked about their famous better halves Trisha Yearwood and Gwen Stefani, to which Garth said, “We’re part of the working wives club. So we get to lay by the pool.”

The performance in Idaho of Garth and Blake singing “Dive Bar” will be used for the official music video of the song.

Blake Shelton Jokes Garth Brooks Was Bullying Him Ahead of Performance

Garth Brooks is having fun giving fellow country singer Blake Shelton a hard time. The bestselling musicians teamed up over the weekend to deliver the debut live performance of their recently released collaboration, "Dive Bar." Shelton made an appearance during Brooks' concert at Albertsons Stadium at Boise State University in Idaho on Friday and fans freaked out about the exciting live team-up.