Something you should know about me – I’m not a quitter. Unless you count that time I gave up on the violin after one lesson in the 4th grade, but that’s a story for another time… I’m tenacious. I can be scrappy. I’ve got a fire and fuel for what I love that quitting is never really an option. One of my favorite quotes is “It’s easy to quit. It takes faith to go through.” I take this with me and apply it to a lot in my life including getting outdoors.

Why do I hike? My answer changes from month to month. I challenge you to ask yourself: “Why do I scroll? Why do I binge watch? Why do I complain? Why do I feel inadequate?” Lately, THIS is why I hike.

The past few months I have dramatically changed my consumption habits. I no longer scroll endlessly on social media. I no longer watch TV. I even suspended my streaming services. And you know what? I feel free! My newsfeed is no longer feeding me information I don’t even want. And I promise even if you think you’re not being affected by social media- you are! Even something seemingly harmless and funny like a meme is basically making hilarity out of real life issues we all deal with. And I’m guilty of liking them too! But I’ve learned to escape. And NATURE has been my biggest escape.

The air is cleaner and crisper. The only sound is that of your natural surroundings. Your boots hitting the dirt. Bugs. Water. Wind. Trees. Sun. Sweat. I love it! The other day I actually stopped to sit in the middle of my hike and closed my eyes. I drank in every isolated moment. My mind felt so clear. I was focused. I was stripped of trivial concerns.

I know it’s summer. I know it’s hot. So wake up early! Get out before the warmest part of the day. Bring plenty of water. Dress appropriately! And bonus, most hiking trails are under the shade of trees anyway! Which is a major help! Don’t make excuses! Don’t let your newsfeed quite literally feed you with negativity. Get outdoors and back to nature. Humble yourself. Feel small and insignificant for a few hours out in this big world of ours. Don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t do it once and then quit because it’s too hard or too hot and takes too much time. Don’t quit! Have faith and go through!

Check out some of my latest pictures below!