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Singer-actor Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) recently posted a cover of “Lost in You,” a song from Garth Brooks’ 1999 … In the Life of Chris Gaines album project. Brooks took notice, and was flattered.

He said, “To hear him sing that with that kind of passion and love was very, very sweet.” He then added that Childish Gambino – is “so friggin’ cool,” and admitted to being impressed with the cover. “He not just covered it – [he] owned it,” said Brooks. “Music is where we all come together, so that’s neat.”

Glover’s performance took place while he was recently in Australia promoting a concert performance (which didn’t ultimately include “Lost in You”).

Garth’s next concert performances are this weekend when he’ll be playing in Regina, Canada.

His next “Dive Bar” show at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield on Thursday, August 15th.