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Maddie & Tae recently premiered the behind-the-scenes footage of their video, “Die From a Broken Heart” on

The official video, which just went live a few days ago, already has close to a 1.1 million views and fans will soon discover just how true-to-life the actual video is for Tae Dye, who suffered a heartbreak just two weeks prior to writing the tune with partner Maddie Marlow, Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan. Tae said, “Everyone is about to get a front-row seat to my biggest heartbreak and I’m terrified.”

Maddie says of the video “This is the most hands on we’ve ever been with a treatment. We kinda had the bones, and then we just filled in all the rest. And it was really cool because Carlos (Ruiz) was really kind to let us kind of recreate everything and kind of switch around some things and make it a little more personal. So, it was really cool to get to collaborate together and make this song come to life visually.”