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Thomas Rhett is a dad of two toddler girls, and let’s just say he’s had plenty of the Frozen soundtrack in his daily life including the super successful song “Let It Go.”

Thomas says he’s not exactly a huge fan of their favorite songs. Like any parent, Rhett has had to endure some of his daughters’ favorite TV shows and movies over and over and over, and he says, “In my house, between Coco and Frozen, I am completely sick of ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Frozen’. And then this song called ‘Remember Me’ that’s in Coco, that we literally watch every single day, and now has drifted to The Little Mermaid. So, I would say that those three songs, if I never heard them again, I would not be upset.”

He last posted about his baby girls a week ago singing Happy Birthday to Ada saying in part, “Happy 2nd birthday to my sleepy baby girl love you so much AJ!”