Love to use emojis? If you answered “yes,” there’s a good chance you’re having more sex than most.

A new study published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS) finds that those who incorporate emojis in communication with potential romantic/sexual partners have more opportunities for various sexual activities. The study’s conclusion statement reads,

“…our research suggests that emoji use may provide a reasonable proxy for expressing affect and may provide a useful aid in self-disclosure and building intimacy. As a result, using emojis with potential romantic and sexual partners may in turn lead to more face-to-face opportunities to assess compatibility and attraction. Emojis appear to be an important aspect of social behavior in today’s digital world that can be used strategically as affective signals, particularly in the domain of human courtship.”

In other words, keep flirting with emojis! Science says it’s working! So, in the immortal words of Rodney Dangerfield…


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