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Garth Brooks will be announcing his next “Dive Bar Tour” stop later today and he’s hinted it will be in the Lone Star State.

Garth said, “We’re supposed to announce Dive Bar #3. I don’t want to give it away…[but] I think the hashtag probably kinda gave it away when it said, ‘The stars at night are big and bright’ I’m just supposed to say…‘Texas.’ And that’s all I can say…no more!”

He added, “Your local country radio station in Oklahoma/Texas are goin’ to announce where in Texas we’re playing the dive bar. And when.”

That word is slated to come at 4:15pm CT today.

#DiveBarTour NEXT STOP

The stars at night are BIG and BRIGHT in a Dive Bar, the NEXT stop on the #DiveBarTour is .... love, g #StudioG