Country News

Jon Pardi plays Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks Festival this weekend in Colorado on Sunday night (9/1).

Jon has been touring with Dierks for a while now and he’s taken a lot away from the experience. He told us exclusively, “This is my third time with Dierks and I love that man. He showed me that no matter how big you are you can still just be kind to people on the coolest ways.”

Even though Bentley sees him daily on the road, he still wanted to know just how much he appreciated Pardi doing his festival. Jon explains, “Like, he wrote me a hand written note saying he was so excited I was gonna go to his festival at Seven Peaks… He’s just awesome and I’ve been on tour with him all year and I still get a note from management like, ‘Dierks wrote this for you’ and it’s little things like that mean so much and he’s alway been that guy.”

Pardi releases a brand new album Heartache Medication on September 27th.