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Savannah is an old city that is home to multiple fascinating sites, like Forsyth Park. Built in the 1840s and fitted with a stupendous fountain, romantic benches, and plenty of iconic oaks covered in moss for an even more calming aesthetic.

Brantley Gilbert’s music is full of stories from his long-time relationship with his wife Amber, who he has been dating on and off for over fifteen years.

Brantley shares, “We were off and on for about five years and we were super young. And then we went five years without seeing or speaking to each other, and we’ve been back together now five or six.”

Gilbert admits that he often coped with the ups and downs of their relationship by writing songs about it, so he says, “She’s got a plethora of songs. She’s got love songs, old love songs, and she’s got some breakup songs and she’s frankly got some songs that are on the ‘never to be released album,’ that nobody will ever hear.”

As a matter of fact, Brantley’s current single, “What Happens in a Small Town,” which he sings with Lindsay Ell, was inspired by one of the “off-again” periods he went through with Amber, back when they were dating.

His upcoming album Fire and Brimstone, which will be out on October 4, will feature several love songs, there are also some new break-up songs that were inspired by Gilbert reminiscing about the road he and Amber took to get to where they are now, and he says, “I think it’s cool for us both to kind of see these things chronologically.”