We are so excited about our Stars & Guitars show this year! If you missed the big lineup announcement, you should definitely check that out here.

So with the big announcement, we also announced that ALL tickets are only $25 this year! From the front row to the top of the Coliseum, everything is $25. It will definitely pay off to buy your tickets early.

But if you went to buy those online, you may have noticed something other than the $25. The Crown has a standard $3 fee they charge for every ticket, no matter how you buy that ticket. So that makes the tickets $28. And then there are some online convenience charges that are part of the ticketing system that the Crown uses. That definitely raises the price of each ticket. But does give you the ability to get tickets as quickly as possible.

If the fees are scaring you off though, fear not! You can avoid most of those fees by just heading over to the Crown Coliseum and buying your tickets directly at the box office. They’ll only have the $3 facility fee extra on them there. That’s definitely your best bet to get great seats for this show!

Some other useful tips:

  • There really are no bad seats for this show. We’ll have half the Coliseum in place, with a good number of seats on the floor and in the regular seating bowl.
  • Buying early will definitely be in your best interest. Trust on this!
  • If for some reason you miss out on your chance to buy tickets before it sells out, don’t worry…yet! We’re going to have a series of ticket stop events all Fall. You’ll have your shot to come out and win tickets at these great events too!
  • VIP tickets are only available for sponsors this year. Sorry about that.
  • Remember, being in the Coliseum now instead of the theater will make for a very different experience! Be prepared. 🙂
  • Visit www.WKMLStarsAndGuitars.com to find out more information about those upcoming ticket stops in the coming weeks. Plus you’ll have lots of artist info and bios and more fun in the coming months!
  • Lastly, we’re so excited to bring this lineup of stars to Fayetteville, so we’ll see you out there on November 18!

Brandon Plotnick is a former sports journalist, now living in the digital space with interests all over the musical and pop culture map.