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Like nearly all Americans, Tim McGraw eagerly looks forward to the start of the NFL season. A huge football fans — he once owned Nashville’s arena football team the Nashville Kats —  McGraw sticks with his beloved Tennessee when it comes to the NFL.

Tim shares, “My favorite team is of course the Titans. I live in Tennessee. I mean my home town is in Nashville now. My kids grew up in Nashville. Titans are my team. I think we have a pretty good shot. I think we look pretty good. It’s early in the season yet so we’ll have to see how it unfolds. And, if we can keep Mariota healthy I think we’ll have a good shot at competing this year.”

Originally from Louisiana, McGraw also has a soft spot for New Orleans football. He says, “I’m also a Saints fan. I mean I grew up in Louisiana and lived and died by the Saints growing up so I’m still a huge Saints fan. And boy, who doesn’t love Drew Brees.’