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The opening of NBC’s Sunday Night Football debuted on Sunday (9/8) as last year’s Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, played host to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Carrie, who stars in the Sunday Night Football show open for the seventh consecutive year, welcomed Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Joan Jett, who makes an appearance during Underwood’s performance.

Underwood shared, “We always look for ways to keep the Sunday Night Football open fresh and exciting. This year, we thought the best way would be to kinda kick it back OG and go back to ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,’ which was the first theme song of this SNF era. So, I thought, ‘Well, how do we make that new and exciting, and for me, I was like, ‘What if we got Joan Jett in the mix?’ ‘Would she ever do anything like that?’ We got super lucky that she was excited to be on board.”

She continued, “The song is one of hers – ‘Hate Myself for Loving You’ – that they rearranged to fit Sunday Night Football, so I just feel like having her involved just felt really right. It was so exciting just to be able to stand up next to her and film the open and get to know her a little bit ‘cause I feel like she’s a person I could learn a lot from. She’s so stinkin’ cool! And like I said took it to a whole new level, so we’re excited for people to see that.”