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Brantley Gilbert just welcomed his baby girl, Braylen Hendrix, to the world. And no matter how tough you might think Brantley is, he says, “Two things that really can make me cry in this world, and that’s my two youngins.”

He says, “Every time I leave the house, [Barrett]’s figured out now when that’s happening. He fights sleep a little bit harder.”

Brantley’s toddler boy Barrett actually loves dad’s bus, which is parked at home when he’s not on the road, and they’ll visit it once a day and let Barrett jump around and be a little rambunctious boy. “But,” Gilbert says, “if I take stuff up there he kinda starts figuring it out a little bit. I don’t think he’s to the point where he knows exactly what’s going on but I think, you know, he’s got an idea that something’s gonna be different tomorrow.”

Brantley continues, “He doesn’t really like it when I get in my truck and go places. But when I load up on that bus, he knows it’s going to be for a minute. And man, he like grab my leg and, you know, just, ‘Da-Da,’ and aw man. Dude, it ripped me up. That’s my little man.“