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Kacey Musgraves is blunt, as usual, in the new interview with Marie Claire for which Musgraves is the featured cover story. The story’s title: “Kacey Musgraves Doesn’t Want Your Permission.”

She says, “I’ve always had a sarcastic nature, a rebellious spirit. Asking for forgiveness rather than permission is my MO.”

Kacey does realize that there are times when her honesty isn’t an asset. She admits, “Growing up in Texas, I’ve always had a strong idea of what I do and don’t like. And that doesn’t always serve me well. It can be narrow-minded. I have to work at expanding, at being more flexible, and at knowing that if something isn’t my idea, it doesn’t mean it’s not as good as my idea.”

On the other hand, her fans love her honesty: “People are craving truth; they’re craving something real. People are tired of having a corporatized version of something shoved in their face. Now more than ever, it’s important that artists of all kinds show exactly who they are.”

She continued, “From the get-go, I wasn’t going to sign a record deal unless I could completely do it on my terms. And, yeah, there’ve been moments when I’ve been asked to change lyrics or to do things I wasn’t into. But I’m not going to bend in hopes that it’s going to reach more people or whatever. It’s just not worth it.”