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Don Chase and Sarah

Weekdays 6:00am-10am

Here you go, this morning’s Can’t Beat Sarah questions and answers.  Tomorrow at 610am, the jackpot is worth $775. Good luck!

-This fish will evaporate if left out in the sun – Jelly fish
-This garden favorite is over 90% water. Name it – The watermelon
-This is the Empire State – New York
-How many sides does a hexagon have – 6
-This is the national game of America – Baseball

-They were the famous Wright Brothers. Give me either first name – Wilbur or Orville
-When February only has 29 days, we call it a – Leap Year
-Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet & Macbeth. Name the author – William Shakespeare
-If you have all of them, you have 32. What – Teeth
-What is the official nickname for the state of Texas – The Lone Star state