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To the chagrin of some, it has become fashionable for kids’ sports teams to put less emphasis on winning or losing and instead hand out participation trophies and ribbons so that everybody feels like a winner. Father of four Justin Moore is not a fan of such behavior.

As a coach of some of his kids’ teams Moore said, “Here’s the thing, as you relate that to sports it’s all about, to me, accountability. And it’s important in life that you understand and learn how to fail and how to succeed because you can be good or bad at either. And you’re gonna lose a lot in life and you’re gonna win some. And I think it teaches you how to do both of those things because you’re going have to know how to do it.”

Justin, who just released his latest song, “Why We Drink,” adds, “The other thing that I think is awful about the participation awards stuff is, you have to know that the work you put in results in one thing. If you put a lot of work in and effort and energy into something, you’re going to reap the rewards of that. And if you don’t, it’s just the opposite. And so, I think it’s failing our kids when we have that mentality personally.”