25th May 1946: A woman turning her griddle, or drop, scones with a wooden spatula. Good Housekeeping (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

Today is national pancake day. I love pancakes, especially my dad’s pancakes. For years, he made them for the whole family on Christmas morning. We don’t live close, so these Christmas morning breakfast get to-gethers have always been special. We all looked forward to dad’s “super-secret” pancakes. I often quizzed dad about the origins of the recipe, but he always dodged. Then a couple of years ago, we decided that it was too difficult for Dad and Mom to travel to NC for Christmas (12 hour drive). So I wanted to keep up the pancake tradition and I asked him to share the super secret recipe. I was sure it had been handed down for generations. Much to my surprise…my mom spoke up and said, oh, he just found it in the newspaper a few years ago and she handed me a clipping from the local paper with the recipe.

Doesn’t matter, they are really good pancakes and now it’s “my secret recipe”.


Randall C. Bliss

 (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)