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Don Chase and Sarah

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Here are this morning’s “Can’t Beat Sarah” questions and answers for you.  Tuesday’s jackpot is up to … $850.

-There’s only one state whose name is just one syllable – Maine
-This huge country star says that his fans get a workout when they see him in concert. Who is he – Kenny Chesney
-Where do you find The Bellagio Hotel, the Luxor Pyramid and The Venetian – Las Vegas
-The most famous Aunt in Mayberry – Aunt Bea
-In wrestling, he was a giant at 7 feet 4 inches & 520 pounds – Andre the Giant

-Name any 2 lakes in North Carolina – White Lake, Smith Lake, Jordan Lake, Lake Lure, Lake Waccamaw
-Mayberry’s rock-throwing mountain man who always seemed to cause trouble – Ernest T. Bass
-What city is associated with O’Hare International Airport, Frank Lloyd Wright and The Flamingo Sculpture – Chicago
-Your German Shepherd is starting to moult. What is happening – Shedding
-In Wrestling, the Nature Boy – Rick Flair