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Don Chase and Sarah

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Charlotte, NC - May 25, 2019(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

These are today’s questions and answers for both rounds of “Can’t Beat Sarah.”  Tomorrow’s jackpot at 6:10am…$900.  Good luck!

-In what U.S. state did the first McDonald’s restaurant open – California
-Name any 2 NASCAR drivers
-What female clothing item was developed from 2 handkerchiefs, a strand of ribbon and a length of cord – The brassierre (1914…Mary Jacobs)
-What part of the body would a rhinologist be interested in – Nose
-What was the name of the scare that ended the decade – Y2K

-TV: Their names were Fox Mulder & Dana Scully. The name of the tv series please – The X-Files
-It’s the most widely spoken language in the world – Chinese
-This fruit is also known as the “love apple” – The strawberry
-Which state produces a majority of America’s roses – California
-This verb means to look something up on the internet – Google