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Garth Brooks has announced yet another “Dive Bar” tour stop and this time it’s in a barn!

Garth will be playing a place called “The Barn” in Sanford, Florida (northeast of Orlando, southwest of Daytona) on October 16!

He shares, “Pound for pound, minute for minute…the dive bars are the most exciting gig I’ve ever got to play. It’s total chaos from the second you go on to the second you go off. And that’s because the people are just so close, and it’s in such little places. It’s a lot of fun, man.”

“The Barn” has special meaning to the entertainer. In his song “The Old Stuff” (a song he co-wrote that’s included on the album, Fresh Horses), Brooks recalls the early days of his career with the words “Seven pickers and all our gear in a rental van / Playin’ music never sleepin’ and workin’ on a neon tan / We played The Barn down in Sanford, Florida….”