Country News

Jimmie Allen has been in his homestead of Delaware to bury his father, James E. Allen II.

Jimmie posted to Instagram last night (10/2), “Today we laid my father James E Allen I to rest. Thank you for all the memories dad, teaching me to bait my first hook, skin my first deer, shoot my first gun and the love of people and country music you placed in my heart. So many will remember you for your service to our country over seas helping keep our country safe, your out of this world baseball skills but I remember the big hearted, kind and patient man you were. Feels like just yesterday I was 6 years old and we were building the front porch and Aaron Tippin was on the radio with you singing a long. Thank you for teaching me and making me the man I am today. I’ll never forget you and I’ll hold on to your love forever until I see your face again. Rest Easy Dad. With Love your son James E Allen II. #military #mason #countryboy”