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Fairfax, CA. - February 06, 2013 (Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Here are today’s questions & answers to Can’t Beat Sarah.  Sarah prevailed and that means tomorrow’s jackpot is worth $925 at 6:10am & 8:10am.

-Name any 1 of the 3 most expensive properties in Monopoly – Board Walk, Park Place or Pennsylvania Ave.
-Abbreviation for magnetic resonance imaging – MRI
-St. Augustine Florida is the home to the hall of fame for what sport – Golf
-Debuting in September 1966, what Chevrolet pony car was designed to be a competing model to the Ford Mustang – Camaro
-Over 14 million visited the longest linear park in America.  It begins in Cherokee and runs for 469 miles – Blue Ridge Parkway
-Name the most recent hurricane that affected the Tar Heel state – Dorian
-Indianapolis 500 winners traditionally celebrate by drinking what beverage – Milk
-She is Country star Eileen Regina Edwards.  What is her stage name – Shania Twain
-His signature phrase is “alright alright alright.” – Matthew McConaughey
-This N.C. town was the inspiration for Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show – Mt. Airy