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Luke Combs is a huge star now, but it was not so long ago that he would drive his Dodge Neon in between two big tour buses of other acts he was touring with.

Things have changed quite a bit for Luke who now drives a giant Ford Truck. But what happened to his old car? “I sold the Dodge Neon to a friend whose dad needed a car. I sold it to him for a thousand bucks. Everyone says to me, ‘Man, I wish you kept that thing’ and… not really. I kind of hated that car to be honest. Everyone said I looked like ‘Donkey Kong’ in Mario Kart driving that thing around.”

He continued, “I saved up money in a bank bag that I bought at Staples, like a cash bag. And so I would play my shows and I kept any extra cash that we made after I paid everybody and I just put it in that bag and I saved up enough money to buy a 2015 Ford Fusion and about a year later, I bought a brand new King Ranch F250 and gave the car to my mom cause she needed a new car. My mom still drives that car to this day.”

Even though Combs has been earning a lot of money since his rise to stardom, he admits money has never been a big deal to him. He says, “Those are the things that I enjoy spending money on is things that make people happy. I don’t need a lot of stuff. I got a great house, I’ve got a great family, I’ve got great friends and stuff to me is that. You can’t buy a great family and good relationships, so I try to do things with my money that help you know the people who have helped me.”