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Thomas Rhett is always writing songs and as a matter of fact, the 16 songs on Thomas’ latest album, Center Point Road, represent less than 10 percent of the songs he actually wrote while working on the project. He says, “It was a little over two hundred songs. Every bus trip I would come home from a three-day run, we would have nine to ten new songs that were written. It’s nuts. Not all of them were the best quality, but you know we did write a lot of songs and really just tried to chase a lot of different types of songs.”

Thomas explains that the way he writes songs and gets to the songs that will eventually make it onto his albums is to write all kinds of songs, about all kinds of subject matters, in all types of styles of music, until he finds what he’s looking for. He offers, “It’s like, this week we’re gonna write something that I feel like Eric Church would’ve done. This week we’re gonna write some R&B jams – not that we’re ever gonna cut them, but just because I’m feeling it.”

Rhett adds, “When songwriters accept the fact that every song you write is not going to get cut, that’s when you write the best songs, because if they will go with you for a weekend and write songs that you’re feeling, even though they probably know in their brains, ‘This is not where he’s going to end up’… If you can let an artist or songwriters get that off their chests and out of their head, those are when the best ones pop up. And so yeah, we write way too many songs, and probably cut too many songs, but that to me is the process and that’s the fun of it.”