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Mill Valley, CA - August 20, 2013 (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Undefeated and $1025 on the line with Can’t Beat Sarah.  Check out today’s questions and answers.

-What product did Mr. Whipple ask you not to squeeze from 1964 through 1985 – Charmin
-What are catalogued under the Dewey decimal system – Books
-What’s the pen name of  author Theodor Geisel – Dr. Seuss
-How many U.S states border the Gulf of Mexico – 5
-Which Disney’s character’s middle name is Fauntleroy – Donald Duck
-In Disney World, could it be that the walls stretch or is that the floors move?  Where – The Haunted Mansion
-How many golf balls are there on the moon – 3
-These are the tallest trees on Earth.  Name them – Redwoods
-This is the most widely-eaten fruit in America.  Name it – Banana
-TV Catchphrase: Yabba-Dabba Doo – The Flintstones