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Carly Pearce has a new duet with Lee Brice, but Carly co-wrote “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” with Luke Combs, along with Jonathan Singleton and Randy Montana.

Pearce says, “Luke knew my story. Luke was kind of around playing shows with me as it was going down. I’m a girl’s guy so it was actually not that hard for me to be like, ‘Hey, so I really did some bad exiting, very abrupt to this person. So I just started to tell them like, ‘I’m so in love right now. But I totally, for 6 months to a year, knew I wasn’t happy in this other relationship, but blamed – oh, my schedule. I’ll do it eventually and I just kind of ran away from it as my career was taking off.”

Combs listened to Carly’s story and thought about the song title, “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” and he had saved in his phone for a while. Pearce says, “Luke immediately just was able to kind of get there with me. I’m not sure if he’s felt something on one side or not but we very much talked about relationships. And he had the idea of, ‘Man it would be so crazy to have a guy, like, let me play this role of this guy that’s mad at you.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, alright, okay.’ And literally they just started playing that groove and my first verse just fell out of my mouth, like in under a minute. Like it just happened.”