Country News

Carrie Underwood enjoyed her 27th number one song recently with “Southbound.” She co-wrote the song with her producer David Garcia, as well as collaborator Josh Miller.

Carrie says of creating the song, “I had the title. I was like, ‘This sounds like fun.’ We can do something fun with this. But then you realize how tricky, for some reason,  it is to be a woman and write like kind of a drinking party boat song. It’s strange. You wouldn’t think it would be any different, but I’m like, for some reason I feel like a guy could get away with saying this line that we just threw out there, but I can’t for some reason.”

She continued, “I used Katie in the song as an example. So, Katie, we wanted to make her like have a little too much fun, but for every line we came out with it was like, ‘Well, we don’t want her to be like – we don’t want it to be sad.’ We still had to make Katie have a little respect but wanted to just get it out there that some people were having too much fun. It surprisingly took us a while to write it but by the end of it, it was like, ‘Well, this is a lot of fun.’ I feel like everybody kind of gravitated towards that one when we were all done with it.”