Country News

Garth Brooks has announced that Ohio is the state in which his next “Dive Bar” location will be.

Garth said, “If you know the first part of our career, we spent a lot of time in this state. It was our number-one fan club state. It was always a guaranteed good time for us, Ohio’s kind of where it all began.”

The exact date and location of Garth’s Buckeye State “Dive Bar” show will be announced this afternoon (10/15). Brooks will be onstage barely 24 hours after that announcement is made…playing show Number-4 on the “Dive Bar” Tour – or, in this case, “Dive Barn” Tour – in the Sunshine State.

He said, “We’ll be goin’ down to The Barn in Sanford, Florida…where we’ll be doing the song ‘Dive Barn.’ Can’t wait to get down there and kinda complete the circle.”

The Barn is a honky-tonk mentioned in Garth’s song “The Old Stuff” (from Fresh Horses) is a place he played early in his career.