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Sam Hunt, who graced the Stars & Guitars stage in 2015, is back with a new song out called “Kinfolks.”

Taking a break to focus on his marriage, Sam says that he really didn’t feel the pressure to come back to music that he felt when he first came to Nashville a few years back, “Picking up music late in life a lot of my family and friends were a little bit surprised to see me pursue music because a lot of them didn’t think I had that big an interest in music, that I ever played or was writing songs.”

He continues, “I think there was a little bit of pressure because I was taking an unorthodox approach to life after college and it was like, ‘He’s doing music? Awe this is probably a phase that he’ll grow out of and then he’ll come back to the real world.’ So I let a bit of pressure because of that. And after having success with the first record I felt like the pressure was taken off.”

Earlier this week, Hunt performed “Fancy” in tribute to CMT Artist of a Lifetime Reba McEntire.

Sam Hunt - "Fancy" (Video Clip) | CMT

Sam Hunt celebrates Artist of a Lifetime honoree Reba McEntire's legendary career with a live rendition of her perennial hit track "Fancy."