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Brett Young and his wife Taylor are expecting the birth of their baby girl any day now and Young says that he had a wonderful example of how to be a good dad in his own father.

He shares, “I’m fortunate to be able to say this and mean it – there are way more than one quality in my dad that I would hope to embody or be able to, 20 years from now, have my daughter say about me.”

From the day Brett let his parents know he wanted to pursue music for a living, his dad has been one of his biggest champions. Brett says, “I think the one thing about my dad, aside from being supportive of everything that I’ve ever done, no matter what it was, is his genuine excitement. There are people that you’re going to meet in your lives where they’re excited and pleasant all the time and it feels really fake and kind of contrived, and my dad borders on that.”

He continued, “He’s so excited and pleasant all the time, but it’s genuine every single time. He’s uplifting and encouraging, and that trait in him is what always made me believe I could do anything I wanted to do because he always told me I could. And it seemed like he believed it so it made me believe it, so I hope that that’s something that I have for her.”