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The days of “borrowing” someone’s Netflix account may soon be over. Complex explains that the streaming service has recently expressed that they hope to “monitor accounts that are sharing their login credentials and employ new measures to curtail it.”

Netflix execs are addressing the launch of Disney and Apple’s streaming services, and they are aware of how they will affect them. In their Q3 earnings call for investors (which Netflix shared on their YouTube channel), they said, “The launch of these new services will be noisy. There may be some modest headwind to our near-term growth, and we have tried to factor that into our guidance.”

They’re also admitting that their continuous price increases are hurting them. “Since our U.S. price increase earlier this year, retention has not yet fully returned on a sustained basis to pre-price-change levels, which has led to slower U.S. membership growth.”

Complex points out that the company has lost subscribers for the first time since 2011