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Jason Aldean’s new album out next month is called 9 and there’s a good reason for that.

Jason explains, “The title 9 is just something that I kind of told myself early on in my career. It’s like, man, it’d be cool, you know, it was more like it’d be cool if I ever made nine albums just to call the album number nine, because that was that was my baseball number when I was growing up. And anybody who knows me knows I’m a huge baseball fan, played for a long time. And I just remember when I was in high school, I used to sign everything, my name and the number nine under it. You know, it was just kind, always my lucky number.”

He continued, “Thinking about album nine, it seemed like an eternity away, you know. Then you fast forward and now the number nine is kind of known as a hashtag. So I figured, people be hashtaging calling it hashtag nine. So we just dropped that altogether and just called it nine. It was more just a kind of a personal thing for me.”

The new album 9 with the single “We Back,” will be available on November 22nd.