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Luke Bryan’s career has been keeping him busy for several years now with his music, touring and his role on American Idol, but as he shares, he makes sure not to miss out on the lives of his growing sons.

Luke says, “My 11 year old Beau, who is one hundred and fifteen pounds he’s like, he’s a monster now. He stayed home from school. He was under the weather. So me and him just laid in the bed literally all day and watched Super Bowl reruns. And finally he passed out. He went to sleep and I just laid there next to him. In three years this kid can’t go in my bedroom anymore, so it was a sweet day to get there and just kind of lay around with him.”

He continued, “You’ll lose track of that and things go really, really fast and you look back and think about how much stuff can happen in 10 years. When you look at a country music career, when you look at getting that kickstarted. I took the boys hunting for the first time this year. During their fall break, I took them… I’m in the deer stand taking selfies of me and them trying to keep the memories.”