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Los Angeles, CA - December 06, 2018 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Check out this morning’s Can’t Beat Sarah questions and answers.

-How many legs does a spider have – 8
-A survey by The Innovation Center reveals that 33% of people think this comes from brown cows. What – Chocolate milk
-He won the NASCAR race at Martinsville Sunday – Martin Truex Jr.
-This Desperate Housewives star was released from prison on Friday. Name her – Felicity Huffman
-He and his friends travel around in the The Mystery Machine. Who – Scooby Doo

-How many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic Games – 5
-Survey says these are the top 5 foods women break their diet with. name any of the 5 – Chocolate, wine, cheese, potato chips and cake
-Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says she learned parenting tips from this CMA Awards co-host. Name her – Dolly Parton
-97% of women say a man with this physical attribute may NOT be trustworthy. What is it – A beard
-Name the team that took Sunday’s game 5 of the World series – Houston Astros