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Miranda Lambert is a part time citizen of New York City since marrying New York cop Brendan McLoughlin and she loves it, although she admits she’s not always the best at getting around the city.

She told us, “I’d always been up in New York several times but it’s always been to work, you know, just kind of go in and do your press and leave. I never really had the opportunity or wanted to, to be honest, to just go hang out. My mom and all her friends every Christmas, go to the Christmas tree lighting and they go Christmas shopping and exploring the city and I just always turned it down because I thought it’s too loud, it’s too hectic.”

Miranda continues, “Going just as a person without having to go to work and just embracing the idea that you could just get lost in this city full of people. It was really cool and eye-opening. And to me, it’s still like I’m wide-eyed and bushy-tailed because I’m from a tiny town in East Texas. I’ve lived in Oklahoma for eight years and now I live in Nashville, which Nashville’s like my second home anyway. And so New York, though, is such a different place. I still don’t know how to navigate it. I’m still terrified of the subways. But I was really open to just like spending my days wandering and meandering.”

Lambert and her hubby now have an apartment in the city. She says, “We have a place in Soho and that’s so artistic from the street art to just popping into a bar here in a cool band or here it’s jazz or rock club. It’s if you’re open to it, that city can really give you a lot. And then it’s time to go home. I mean, there definitely is a boundary for me on how long I can stand the noise and the simulation and then I try to gather up what I can and then take it home and sort through it.”