Country News

Luke Combs’ new What You See Is What You Get album is out today (11/8), and Luke wasn’t afraid to get emotional in the new work.

He told us, “I think there’s a lot of guys specifically my age that have a hard time being emotional, which is… [an] absolutely huge mistake. And I think it leads to a whole lot of problems later on in your life. But I think it’s okay to when your girlfriend leaves you to be sad about that. It’s okay to cry when your dad passes away or it’s okay to want to be a sloppy college guy, even though you’re 29 years old and go out and get drunk and take a cab home like that.”

Combs continued, “There’s times when I feel like five different people. I can be a songwriter. I can be a fiancĂ©. I can be a guy in the grocery store going to get what guys at the grocery store go and get. I think the songs are kind of like that. They’re different like every day for me is different. I don’t wake up every day and go, ‘I’m a big famous country guy,’ and that’s it. I am who I am, you know, and I get sad about stuff and I have a good time and, you know, I reminisce on high school even though I’m playing Red Rocks.”

He adds, “As long as you’re doing what makes you happy, I don’t understand why people are so concerned with what other people view them as, and I think the title ‘What You See Is What You Get’ is saying just that.”