The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Key West, FL - November 7, 2007 (Photo by Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau via Getty Images)

Try these “Can’t Beat Sarah” questions on your friends and family.

-Think games: Contract, discard, no trump – Bridge
-This precooked offering for a soldier, MRE for short – Meal Ready To Eat
-This South Carolina island is roughly 12 miles long, 5 miles wide & home to more than 20 championship golf courses. Name it – Hilton Head
-One of these “ocular” steaks, cut from the outer side of the midsection – Ribeye
-Botanical term for someone at a social event who has no one to dance with or talk to – Wallflower

-Think games: Free Parking, Just Visiting – Monopoly
-This bugle call is played during military funerals & is also heard at the end of the day – Taps
-Inventor Fred DeLuca is the brains behind this popular sandwich business. Name it – Subway
-Part of the Overseas Highway, the Seven Miles Bridge links islands in this famous chain – The Florida Keys
-In Scrabble, this is an alternate name for the tailbone – Coccyx