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Washington, DC - November 24, 2015 (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

If you missed this morning’s “Can’t Beat Sarah, here are the questions and answers:

-What’s the longest running cartoon series on TV – The Simpsons
-How is sodium bicarbonate better known – Baking Soda
-This snack box included a string so it could be hung from the Christmas tree. Name it – Animal Crackers
-What hit movie did Heath Ledger just finish filming shortly before his death – The Dark Knight
-What country is Rome located in – Italy

-Jody Foster played FBI agent Clarice Starling. Name the movie thriller – Silence of the Lambs
-This Italian city is famous for its leaning tower. Name it – Pisa
-What NFL quarterback has been in the most Super Bowls – Tom Brady
-This company is famous for their Turkey help line at Thanksgiving. Name it – Butterball
-What color is the M in McDonalds – Yellow