Country News

Maren Morris album Girl won the CMA last week (11/13) for Album of the Year and on a night that celebrated women in country music, the title really fit.

Backstage at the CMAs, Morris said, “‘Girl’ was the last song we wrote for the record but I felt like it tied all the other songs together in a really compelling way. And it just moved me to tears when I heard it back after we had recorded it.”

She added of the album, “I wrote so much of this over the last few years on tour. So it was honestly about me falling kind of further into love and figuring myself out as a woman.”

“It’s not so much like [I’m] the newcomer anymore,” she continued. “[I’m] becoming more established in this genre and trying to make a space for myself. And so I think a lot of there’s a lot of push and pull with this record.”

As for the theme and success of the title song, Morris said, “It just happened to kind of become this empowering thing with ‘Girl’ being the title and the first single. And it’s become a lot bigger of a message than I think I had originally intended, which is a very happy accident.”