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Since the beginning of Miranda Lambert’s country music career we’ve all watched her through good times and bad and as she shares it was having a bit of both that brought her to where she is today being comfortable in her skin and happy.

Miranda told us, “When I was in my early 20s, I was like, ‘I have something to prove.’ You know what I mean? But I realized as you go through things in your life, I truly think pain sort of resets you a little bit in a good way. I mean, it sucks at the time, obviously, but then it forces you to sit in the quiet and face yourself.”

She added, “I never got comfortable in my twenties, with silence and quiet. I was just constantly filling my space with things or people or projects or starting a band or opening a store or doing something. And I think I used to recharge with noise and things to do. And now I recharge with quiet.”

Lambert concluded, “It takes a long journey to get to where you’re OK with yourself in just silence and also just being honest with knowing that whatever I’m doing is public. So I kind of have to go through it with everybody watching. But now I feel like I’m really okay with where I am and I’m not afraid.”