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Don Chase and Sarah

Weekdays 6:00am-10am

"Live in the moment." - Stephnie Ballard, founder of Desire and Consequence

The champion Sarah held onto her undefeated title this morning.  Check out today’s “Can’t Beat Sarah” questions and answers:

-This state abbreviation is ME. Which state – Maine
-Which Australian native tree is commercially grown in Hawaii for its delicious nuts – Macadamia
-What is the salted roe of a sturgeon called – Caviar
-In January of 2012, the cruise ship Costa Concordia rolled onto her side after striking a rock off the coast of which country – Italy
-This N.C. native and Country star won the 2019 CMA Male Vocalist award. Name him – Luke Combs

-This state abbreviation is AR. Which state – Arkansas
-What word could be used to describe a large nail used to secure rails, tainting a beverage, and a quick play in American football in which the quarterback intentionally throws the ball at the ground – Spike
-Which vegetable is a green variety of banana, used as a staple food in the tropics – Plantain
-In April 2013, 3 people were killed and many injured in a bombing at the finish line of which U.S. sporting event – The Boston Marathon
-Name the 2019 CMA Entertainer of the Year – Garth Brooks