Country News

Luke Combs says he is happiest when he’s putting pen to paper or carrying around a rifle with his buddies.

He told us of his downtime, “I love to hunt. I really enjoy doing that a lot it just kind of takes my mind off things. You know, I leave my phone at the house. I can hunt on my property, which is really nice. I don’t have to go anywhere.”

He adds, “It runs really parallel with songwriting because like I’d go and do it with mostly the guys that I write songs with. You know, we sit in the woods or sit in a stand or whatever. It might be one out of every 20 times you go hot and you even have a chance to harvest an animal. I mean, most of the time you’re just sitting there hanging out and talking and laughing with people that you enjoy being around. So that for me, is just spending time. Anytime I can get with my parents or my fiancee or or my buddies from back home or my co writers really takes my mind off of things.”