The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Washington, December 14, 2005 (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Dear Don Chase & Sarah: I am writing to you from work. The other day, I was surfing the net when I came across a mugshotof one of our warehouse workers. He is wanted by the police. There is a small reward being offered for information leading to his arrest. I immediately became greedy and selfish and thought that I would anonymously turn him in for the cash reward. I am a single mother of three, who works two jobs and barely scrapes by. I can use the money. Then, I thought about my coworker and how he has a family and is the only one supporting them. If I turn him in he will go to jail. If I turn him in I will also get the money. I’m torn and don’t know what to do. I feel bad for even thinking about this. If you were me would you turn him in or not?