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Luke Combs is nominated for a 2020 Grammy with Brooks & Dunn for “Brand New Man” in the Best Vocal Duo /Group performance and he says that his grandfather would be so proud.

As Luke recently told us, it was his grandfather who encouraged him to follow his musical dreams before he passed away. He shared, “My dad’s dad, we spent a great deal of time together when I was young. And when I picked the guitar up, I would go down and see my grandpa and he would always tell me ‘This is the thing.’ He was like, ‘If you stick with this thing, you’re going to be really great at this if you keep doing it.'”

Combs did stick with it and his grandpa did get to see some of his success. He says, “He did get to hear my first album, which is which was something that I’m very thankful for and it hadn’t been released yet at the time he passed away. So he never got to see what came of that, but he did get to see the culmination of of all the work that I put into making it and to move in here and actually following through with with this dream.”