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When Garth Brooks’ name was called last week (11/13) winning the CMA’s Entertainer of the Year award most people were surprised and they weren’t alone, Garth was shocked as well.

He told Good Morning America, “It was the year of the woman, so we were all expecting Carrie anyway, and she justly deserved it as well as the other nominees. We were sitting there talking [and] boom, your name gets called and you don’t have anything prepared or nothing, so you pretty much just tell them what you thought of the show.”

Brooks told us backstage that night, “Miss Carrie was backstage, but she came up at the very end. So as far as getting to be with the nominees, that was beautiful as an entertainer I just wanted to share that what Reba McEntire did tonight, that’s an entertainer, and we all felt it, we all saw it. And then I got to say it wasn’t just picking on the women. What Kelsea Ballerini did with just a guitar in an arena and shrink that thing down on national TV? That’s a fricking entertainer right there.”