The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Aspen, Colorado - January 26, 2019 (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

From this morning, here are the “Can’t Beat Sarah” questions and answers:

-At the 2019 CMA Awards, she was honored with Album of the Year. Name her – Maren Morris
-In this movie franchise, you may have heard the line “never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Can you name it – Harry Potter
-This ocean is home to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on Earth. Which ocean – Pacific
-This is the only country in the world which sports the Bible on its national flag – Dominican Republic
-This is tyhe oldest major American sporting event, taking place every single year since 1875. Name it – Kentucky Derby

-Country singer Keith Urban’s birth country was the first nation to give women the right to vote. Name it New Zealand
-One of NASCAR racing’s best announced that he is retiring in 2020. Name him – Jimmie Johnson
-In what state is the exact center of the U.S. found – Kansas
-Name the resort town in central Colorado noted for its skiing – Aspen
-This is the Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Name it – MacDill