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Tim McGraw has been on the promotional trail for his new book on staying fit called Tim McGraw: Grit & Grace.

He told us what motivated him to do the new book, “[My] Motivation for writing this book: I get asked a lot about my fitness journey over the years and what I do and how to stay consistent. And, it’s really hard to do that in a 5 to 10 minute interview, which is usually most the time I get to talk to someone. So, to have the opportunity to sit down and write Grit & Grace in long-form, with a lot of help I might add, is something that was a great experience for me.”

He added, “Actually, the process of it motivated me even more. So, it was cathartic for me and motivational for me and I hope somebody gets something out of it.”

McGraw says of the book’s tagline, “Well, ‘train the mind, train the body, own your life’ to me it’s all about consistency. It’s about taking care of yourself, grabbing ahold of the things that you can control because there are so many things in your life that you can’t control. There’s so many things that just sort of spin out of control that you have no say so in. So, for me, if you can take care of yourself it allows you to take care of other people.”